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Enhance Customer Trust and Sales Of Your Products and Services With Our Certification

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Leverage The Power Of Trust

Better For Health + Certification

The Better For Health + Certification

Obesity International is a charitable Corporate Social Initiative that promotes research, awareness and education in obesity. Along with our partners and alumni we help consumers make scientific and healthy choices in managing their weight.

An important part of our mandate is testing and certifying products and services that are promoted for health management or likely to be used by those trying to lose weight.

We evaluate products and services in sectors like groceries, packaged foods, milk and juice, cooking and storage containers, restaurants, and health services, including nutritional supplements, against the "gold standard" for their health and weight management quality.

The Better For Health+ Certification

With rampant health claims advertising, consumers are being made increasingly conscious about their health.

As consumers become more savvy about the products and services they consume, credibility is critical for the industry to build trust with consumers.


Weight Conscious Consumers often have questions like:


  • Is this a high-quality and effective product?

  • What effect will it have on my weight and health?

  • Are there any substances that I should avoid?

  • Is the information on the label accurate?


Better For Health +
Better For Health + Certification

Business Impact Of A Health Certification

It’s not just those who are overweight and obese, that are interested in the weight quotient of the products and services. Even those who are not actively trying to lose weight, would pick up a certified product if advertised and easily available.

Brands that actively address these topics, backed by a credible third party certification can get a considerable advantage over those that don’t.


By having a credibility mark at their fingertips, consumers can “chose with confidence” stop buying low-quality products and elevate the reputation of brands based on the quality and weight friendliness of their products.

Better For Health + Certification Levels

OIF’s Good For Health is a prominent global certification available for products and services that have an added health benefit. We follow a scientific evaluation process with a multidisciplinary team of Auditors, comprising doctors, pharmacists, dieticians, and technologists.


We offer 2 levels of certification, that differ in the intensity of evaluation:


Level 1 or Basic Certification: We certify the product or service based on self-declaration by the company through affidavits of the product contents (people), the manufacturing (delivery) method, and the supply chain. Interviews are held over video conferencing.


This is a quick and easy process, however, the burden of proof is on the manufacturer. Only a few products and services qualify for this certification.


Level 2 or Total Certification: This is the highest level of certification. It involves intense scrutiny, which includes visits from our auditors to manufacturing (service) facilities to check for GMP guidelines (Good Service Practice) and independent analysis of the contents of the product (Service SOP) and other checks as necessary.


Better For Health +
Better For Health

What Does The BFH+ Certification Validate?

The company has taken measures to make a product or service healthier that what is averagely available in that category.


  • Steps taken to reduce the impact on weight gain.


  • Products do not contain any banned or harmful substances.


  • The contents of the product or service actually matches what is claimed.


  • Precautions against unsafe levels of contaminants or unqualified people.


  • The product is manufactured at a facility that is registered for Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) or the service is delivered at an approved facility.

The BFH+ Certification Process 

Step 1: Sign up for the certification process


Step 2: Telephonic interview to ascertain/product or service details


Step 3: Fill up the customized information sheet and submit the necessary documents


Step 4: Courier your product samples or submit service recordings for evaluation.


Step 5: Visit to premises and product analysis (only for Total Certification)


Step 6: Receive your Certification, QR Code and branding collaterals

Better For Health +
Better For Health Certification

Additional Branding Support With BFH+

Once your product or service is certified it will be included in our online directory. A page will be created on the Obesity Research Foundation website to explain why the product or service has been found worthy of certification.


You will receive the soft copy of the certificate to display on your website or at your premises.


A QR code and a certification number, will also be provided that can be displayed on the packaging along with the Good For Health logo. Consumers can scan the QR code to learn more about a specific product or service .

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