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Precision Nutrition for Children

MOMit has 3 components: Click any of the options to get started

Know it

The MOM Formula - M

M for Modulate:

Make sure that your child is not going overboard with sugary and fattening foods. These should never exceed more than 10% of your child’s overall food intake.


Use the free healthy food finder tool whenever you buy packaged food for your children. Control gadgets and screen time Make sure that your child is getting at least 1 hour of physical activity every day.

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The benefits
School Girl

The MOM Formula - O

O for Observe:

Look out for any signs that your child is developing type 2 diabetes, the common signs are dark patches around the nape of the neck, knuckles, and underarms.


Any change in the frequency of thirst, hunger, urination or infections should be discussed with your pediatrician.

Getting Started

The MOM Formula - M

M for Measure

Check your child’s weight and abdominal girth every month, if is more than 15% of what your pediatrician recommended for more than 2 months.


It’s time to double down on the Control or seek professional help. If your child is overweight or if there is a history of diabetes in your family, make sure that you check your child’s blood sugar levels every six months.

Child Model

Check your child's nutritional status and get action plan 

Replace all unhealthy foods  with what your child needs

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