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Use this tool to save time and get expert-verified healthy food for your children, directly from manufacturers. We negotiated on your behalf, so healthy is no longer costly!

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MOMIt Food Finder

How It Works: Get matched to the right foods, quickly and easily, while saving money

Food Finder Gets You The Healthy Alternative

Free service, offered in the public interest. Your details will not be shared with the food suppliers.

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Healthy Makes It Truly Happy

Children in India are exposed to an obesogenic environment, created by rapid urbanization, a high amount of screen time, and low physical activity. Working parents and junk food promotion have led to a change in eating habits.. Children are very impressionable, they get hooked on convenience foods and eating out. Busy parents are indulging them due to the guilt factor and the widespread availability of cheap unhealthy foods.

1. Healthy Indian Mithai
2. Healthy Indian Snacks
3. Healthy Sweets
4. Healthy Savouries
5. Healthy Chocolates
6. Healthy Cookies
7. Healthy Rice 
8. Healthy Icecreams
9. Healthy Soft Drinks

10. Healthy Kids Hampers
11. Healthy Indian Snacks
12. Healthy Gifts For Him
13. Healthy Gifts For Her
14. Healthy Confectionary
15. Healthy Birthday Sweets
16. Healthy Birthday Snacks 
17. Healthy Cakes
18. Healthy Bakery Products

19.  Healthy Milkshakes
20. Healthy Milk
21. Healthy Tiffins
22. Healthy Cooking Utensils
23. Product Gift Coupons 
24. Online Gift Coupons
25. Healthy Microwaves 
25. Healthy Fridge
27. Healthy Plastic Containers

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