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Obesity Educator Certification

Online Global Certification Program For Healthcare professionals With An Interest In Obesity 

Introduction To The Obesity Educator Certification 

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The Need

The Need For Obesity Education

The objective of the Certified Obesity Educator program is to create a skilled cadre of professional obesity counsellors, who are aware of the latest scientific research in to the causes and treatment of obesity, and to equip them with the knowledge and tools required to educate patients about science-based weight management.

Obesity has assumed epidemic proportions in many countries across the world. The problem has both health and psychological ramifications for the individual, and severe financial and loss of productivity ramifications for society. There is an urgent need to provide scientific guidance to prevent, manage and reverse obesity.

The Role Of An Obesity Educator

Current approaches to the management of obesity are plagued with high failure rates necessitating an evidence-based approach that personalizes treatment to a patient’s physical status and lifestyle.


Through the Obesity Educator Program, we aim to create a system that recognizes Obesity as a chronic, multifactorial, relapsing disease.


We envisage an environment where individuals in need of weight loss, are guided to a multifactorial diagnosis, and science-based standard of care, and encourages outcome assessment and analysis, all of which advance the science and standard of care.

The Role

Certification For The Obesity Educator

Obesity Educator certification is a voluntary programme that evaluates and validates the qualified healthcare professionals' understanding of the current diagnosis and treatment approaches for Obesity. It is a means of determining whether or not minimum conditions for knowledge acquisition and understanding have been satisfied.


The Certified Obesity Educator credential indicates that the trained healthcare professional has scientific and specific expertise, resulting in the promotion of scientific weight management therapy for obese persons.


Goals and The Need For Certification 

1. Offer a formal recognition of the professional achievement of expertise in obesity counselling and education.


2. Encourage professional development in the field of obesity research, counselling and education.


3. Present documentation of specialist knowledge of obesity education and counselling to individuals and employers.


4. Encourage adherence to current best practices, industry standards, and understanding of obesity education and counselling.


Requirements For OE Certification

The Candidates must demonstrate knowledge and understanding of current scientific knowledge on obesity diagnosis, pathophysiology, and management.


Candidates should be able to define the multifactorial, chronic, and relapsing nature of obesity and its associated implications.


Awareness of the medical management options in obesity including diagnostic tools, approved drugs, treatment protocols, and indications for surgical intervention will be tested.


Candidates should demonstrate knowledge of the appropriate dietary psychological, lifestyle, and physical activity recommendations, and different approaches to long-term weight management.


Candidates should be able to explain the health consequences of obesity and the side effects of unscientific treatment methods.


Candidates must demonstrate effective counseling skills and methods and the ability to customize them to each potential client's personal and social context 


The Candidates should be able to demonstrate the application of core knowledge and skills in a wide variety of practical settings


Periodic re-­certification or maintenance of certification will be necessary


The OE Certification Process 

Self-Paced Learning:

Candidates are required to watch video lectures of talks by prominent obesity experts on topics as per the curriculum. The lectures are from publicly available resources and carefully selected for their suitability for the COE program.


Objective assessment:

Candidates will be assessed on their understanding of the concepts and knowledge in the lectures through objective tests.


Case Studies:

Candidates will need to submit their counseling plan for 3 random patient cases provided to them.


Video Demonstrations:

Candidates will need to submit video evidence of their counseling skills on obesity-related topics through self-recorded videos


The OE Certification Syllabus

Module 1: Introduction and Science of Obesity


Module 2: The Consequences of Obesity


Module 3: Obesity Relation to Genes, Environmental Factors, Disease, Hormones


Module 4: Role of Stress, Exercise, & Sleep in Obesity


Module 5: Multifactorial Diagnosis of Obesity


Module 6: Dietary Modification for Weight Management


Module 7: Physical Exercise, Behaviour Modification,Yoga and Meditation


Module 8: Pharmacotherapy, Sliming Therapies and Surgical Management for Obesity


Module 9: Application of knowledge to practice


Module 10: (Optional Module – does not count towards certification) Selected Tools to Improve Standards of diagnosis and care for obesity

The Process

OE Certification Recognition and Utility 

The Certified Obesity Educator certification is offered by the Obesity Research Foundation, a private not-for-profit initiative based in the United States of America.

The Certification is offered globally to physicians, nurses, dieticians, and other qualified healthcare professionals who work in the field of obesity.

The Certificate is a recognition by the foundation of your effort and competence and is not a degree or diploma as required by any regulatory authroity to diagnose or treat any health condition.


You are free to display the certificate in your clinic or include it in your profile or CV in accordance with the regulatory requirements of your country.

Obtaining the certification may place you in a more favored standing with organizations that partner with the Obesity Research Foundation or are aware of our work. We also work with our partners to provide you with exclusive support and resources to grow your practice.

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