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Offline Promotion, Sampling, and Sales For Health-Focused Brands

Access Premium Customers, Build Real Connections, and  Get Genuine Feedback at a fraction of the cost

Obesity International is a health platform for weight management and diabetes. We connect with customers across the country directly and through our network of dieticians and doctors.

We offer you a unique opportunity to reach your ideal customer profile and increase brand awareness and sales of your brand through our outreach programs like:

  • Camps at Top Housing Societies

  • Corporate Health Camps

  • Diabetes and Weight loss Provider Network

  • Digital Portal (bonus)

Top 5 Benefits of Sampling and Offline Promotion

A powerful new channel to engage with customers, build your brand and fast-track your growth

  • Offline promotion rapidly builds trust and brand image and helps you cut through the online clutter


  • Each sample is hyper-targeted – producing a stream of high-value, measurable returns.


  • Personal sampling is one of the most efficient ways for brands to connect with their most relevant consumers.


  • Sampling can deliver higher quality engagement.


  • Sampling is quick and discreet and difficult to replicate

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Why Choose Obesity International

Outreach through the medium of a Health platform that people trust.


  • All sampling activities come with full campaign and reporting, producing low/no waste scenarios.


  • By taking a direct-to-customer approach through us, you can reduce your sampling pilferage and operational challenges to a great extent. 


  • You have the option to execute innovative campaigns for re-engagement post-trial.


  • Since we do non -conflicting group promotion and sampling, you save tremendous costs while maintaining exclusivity.

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Experience the benefits with a free trial

Be a part of our next outreach campaigns. Pay ZERO advertising fees, just send your samples, and compensate for the logistics expenses.


We are looking for long-term, win-win relationships with quality brands, Let's speak today!

Click here to connect with us

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