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Nutrition scan


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Check If Your Child is Rightly Fueled for Growth 

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What's The Nutrition Scan?

The nutrition scan from Childoc is a preliminary examination of your child's nutritional intake, eating habits, and obesogenic (fattening) habits.

Once you take the scan you will receive a report that provides an overall assessment of your child's nutrition status as well as areas for improvement.


Any red flags that require further evaluation by a specialist are identified. 

A qualified nutritionist will go over the report with you and make recommendations on how to achieve optimal nutrition for physical and mental development.

How is the report generated?

The report is generated based on several reputed clinical nutrition guidelines. The output is dependent upon accurate answers to these questions.


It is recommended that only those who know the child intimately like one or both parents or an engaged caregiver only answer the questions.


Please be ready with the following information before you start

  • Child's weight in Kg

  • Child's height in Cm

  • Child's age in months

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Take the Child Nutrition Scan Online, Now

A link to Childoc's virtual pediatric assistant will be presented to you. The assistant will ask you a series of questions about your child's eating habits, activities, and behavior.

All you have to do is respond to the questions and provide some basic information about your child.

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