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100 Million People In India Either Have Diabetes or Pre Diabetes

If You are One of Them Or Know Someone Who Is, this could be of help

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Introducing 'Language of Diabetes': A Transformative Education Initiative by Obesity International 

We are the dedicated team at Obesity International, and we're thrilled to announce the launch of our groundbreaking patient and caregiver education program: "Language of Diabetes." Debuted on World Diabetes Day 2023, our initiative resonates deeply with this year's theme, "Know Your Risk, Know Your Response," and is a testament to our commitment to advancing diabetes awareness and management.

What We've Created: The Diabetes 'Language Interpreter' Tool

  • This innovative tool is a game-changer in diabetes care, designed to demystify the complex medical jargon often associated with diabetes.

  • It enhances communication between our patients and healthcare providers, ensuring that symptoms and medical advice are clearly understood and effectively managed.

Educational Workshops by Our Expert Team

  • We're proud to offer a series of workshops led by our experienced healthcare professionals. These sessions are more than just lectures; they're interactive experiences focused on practical diabetes management, informed by the latest research and our clinical expertise.

  • We encourage personalized discussions, allowing us to address individual concerns and empower our patients with tailored management strategies.

Our Vision and Goals

  • Prompt Action for Better Health: We're urging people with diabetes to seek medical attention early. Our goal is to minimize complications through informed, timely intervention.

  • Empowering Our Community: We believe in equipping both patients and caregivers with the necessary tools and knowledge for effective diabetes management. It's about promoting autonomy and informed decision-making in healthcare.

  • Enhancing Awareness: Through this program, we aim to amplify understanding of the risks associated with diabetes and the crucial need for personalized health responses.

Celebrating the Launch: A Nod to Global Efforts

  • Launching World Diabetes Day 2023 isn't just symbolic; it aligns our local efforts with a global movement towards better diabetes care. We stand united in the theme of proactive health management and risk awareness.

'Language of Diabetes' is more than just a program; it's a movement towards bridging the knowledge gap in diabetes care. We envision a world where individuals living with diabetes are well-informed and proactive in their health management, leading to improved outcomes and a better quality of life. Join us in this endeavor to transform diabetes care for the better.

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